All products are manufactured locally to customer specification and are compliant to SABS ISO 9001/2008.Quality procedures are instituted and put into perspective thus ensuring products of the highest quality. All operators are trained and skilled and have each achieved competence in the required are of work that they are responsible for. In our multi skilled workforce employees can rotate and carry out other functions as and when required, still meeting customer needs and aspirations.

Products are quality checked from point of sale through the production line. Jobs are planned and monitored according to  customer requirements prior to implementation. Stringent inventory controls are exercised on a weekly basis. Tooling and materials are budgeted for and samples are sent to customers prior to commencement of manufacturing.

Bi-annual audits are conducted by skilfully trained SABS consultants. We also conduct internal audits to ensure that the system is functioning efficiently. All daily operational plans are done through our quality management system which is embodied in our quality manual.

All non-conformances are identified and actioned immediately. Procedures are put into place to ensure that the administration is functioning effectively. Documents are filed and can be easily accessed. All discrepancies are recorded and identified on a daily basis and discussed at weekly management meetings.

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